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          3. SMP

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            Product introduction

            SID is the world leader in SMP systems. SMP is especially useful for hazardous waste and designed for highest safety to avoid contamination and explosions. The system is also designed for optimal commercial use: hazardous waste is disposed and treated. It can be used as fuel substitute and reduces energy costs, for example in the cement industry. The homogeneity of the shredded and mixed waste makes it more attractive as fuel substitute . In sum, SMP systems are highly attractive investment for SID’s customers.


            Product advantage

            Product diagram

            1st step: shredder 
            Depending on the clients needs we design and built the most suitable shredder 
            2nd step: mixer 
            After shredding waste is mixed to a homogeneous product 
            3rd step: pump 
            Mixed product is pumped by the specially designed SID pump to the final use 
            Interlocking chamber 
            This device allows to.... 
            Control of O2 concentration?To reduce the risk of explosion 
            Blanketing device 
            Allows shredding to happen in a nitrogenous atmosphere. Risk of explosion is massively reduced 

            SMP Series