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          3. Core Competencies

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            Mechanical engineering

            The competent engineers of SID are using the latest technology for analysis, construction and design of mechanical components and installations


            Hydraulic engineers of SID are developing standardized or customized hydraulic systems

            Electrical and programming engineering

            SID installations can be run completely automated. SID’s electrical and programmation engineers are able to program all major PLC’S and will integrate the installation in your mainframe. Modern automation programming is used to optimize your shredding system


            All key components are produced and mounted in SID workshops

            Mounting and put-into-operation

            A team of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineers guarantees a competent follow-up of your projects on site

            After sales

            Our after-sales services department is available at any time of the day. Our very complete stock of spare parts and our close cooperation with worldwide active suppliers and local partners guarantee a high availability for our installations